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2010/11/24 | The current state of GTAGB posted by STM

You may be reading this having been redirected from I’ve taken down the main site, as I haven’t updated its content for a few years and really should have done before this point.

I’ve had the project on a back-burner for what’s probably a couple of years now – I can’t remember the last time I even plugged in the drive it’s sitting on. The project was originally intended for San Andreas, and aimed to parody Great Britain in the fashion that Rockstar Games parodied New York, Miami and the West Coast of the States. The project was ambitious in its original format – and now I have less time it’ll be even harder to have the original concept come to fruition. However, I won’t be announcing the mod’s demise – I believe it still has potential and am going to further development of it in the future. However, this will inevitably require extensive changes to the project’s core aims.

A key aspect that will be given less priority, will be graphics. At this stage, development for San Andreas as the mod’s host will most likely continue – I want the end product to focus essentially on gameplay and compatibility, the latter of which is not a defining element of GTAIV. The mod’s host isn’t a definite however, I am also interested in the Grit Game Engine.

That’s as much as I have time to share for the moment, but I will be updating this blog with any developments in the future.

2010/09/14 | Site updated posted by STM

The site is now WordPress-ified! Which may mean I actually update it now.

In case you’ve seen the post I last made in 2007 and are wondering where the Porsche 911S is, you can find it here.

2007/12/20 | 911 rectified posted by STM

Borrowed a friend’s spare system and managed to get the 911 in-game. Still needs resizing and minor editing, but if I have the computer long enough I can make a release.

2007/12/08 | Bah humbug posted by STM

Hello visitors (if I even have any), I’d just like to apologise for the lack of activity and updates. I’ve been working hard the last few months on my project GTAGB, but about a month ago my motherboard fried itself. My small amount of funds forces me to list new computer parts at the bottom of my priority list, and so I write you this sitting in the back of my van on a crappy old laptop. As funds make themselves available I will do my best to get back in the circuit, but I fear this post will be the last until GTAIV’s release next year. In the event of anything happening, I will post here again. In the meantime, this laptop does allow me to code, so I may fiddle around with this website a little as well as GTAGB’s mission code. I’ll also be focusing a lot of attention on the code and management for GTAGarage, do give that link a whirl. Cheers, I’ll be back!

2007/07/11 | Guides added to Resources section posted by STM

I’ve added a couple of guides to installing car mods in GTA3 & VC – an SA one will be coming shortly.

2007/06/18 | New Sin5k4 releases on the way posted by STM

Maserati Merak SS

Lexus IS200

Lexus GS300

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Ford Capri mk1 facelift

Porsche 914

Porsche 911S

Sin has handed me some new models to get in game…