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2010/11/24 | The current state of GTAGB (from category Projects, tagged with ) posted by STM

You may be reading this having been redirected from I’ve taken down the main site, as I haven’t updated its content for a few years and really should have done before this point.

I’ve had the project on a back-burner for what’s probably a couple of years now – I can’t remember the last time I even plugged in the drive it’s sitting on. The project was originally intended for San Andreas, and aimed to parody Great Britain in the fashion that Rockstar Games parodied New York, Miami and the West Coast of the States. The project was ambitious in its original format – and now I have less time it’ll be even harder to have the original concept come to fruition. However, I won’t be announcing the mod’s demise – I believe it still has potential and am going to further development of it in the future. However, this will inevitably require extensive changes to the project’s core aims.

A key aspect that will be given less priority, will be graphics. At this stage, development for San Andreas as the mod’s host will most likely continue – I want the end product to focus essentially on gameplay and compatibility, the latter of which is not a defining element of GTAIV. The mod’s host isn’t a definite however, I am also interested in the Grit Game Engine.

That’s as much as I have time to share for the moment, but I will be updating this blog with any developments in the future.


  1. Nizlopi says:

    I’ve been checking your main website – once every week or so to start with, now reduced to about once every 6 months – ever since GTA San Andreas came out in 2005. That’s five years. I seriously doubt there are many people out there who did that – so it’s great to see that, even after all this time, you haven’t lost faith. God knows when you release it; in it’s current state, I guess about 2050 – but I’ll definately get my copy of San Andreas out from under the bed and try your mod then.

  2. mortalhuman says:

    You know, now that you mention it, we ought to talk about this the next time you’re on – plug up that drive and get your stuff, and be ready to make the case for GB, or a portion of it to start with. It’s not that dramatic – nearly everyone is from there. It’s worth throwing the ball around, even if it leads to something else.

    And SA modding FTW. I feel the same way about it, man. If I made a mod, it would be on GTA SA, regardless of the game type (eg, “you are here” mod). If I want that mod to be on something newer, I’d then port it over to something newer. As much as I love GTA IV, SA is a funner development playground and IV is more complicated than just using the tools out there – tools that weren’t necessarily available when GTA SA modding was at its height.

    I still want to work on something for SA so bad, with the sole purpose of side by side development in Grit. Just because I like seeing different games or presentations of the same game worlds, and I love GTA SA, saints row definitely does not compare for me, so I’d like to be part of new worlds for that era of GTA. Like, people could quickly do the silhouette in old GTA diffuse only etc. then port to grit or if they find some other engine that streams the same way.

    I gotta find a gallery or something of what you have so far, it’s been a long time since I saw mention of GTAGB.

  3. John says:

    I too have been following your mod, also I too have been doing a mod, of which you helped me with, by doing some car models for it, also my mod was delayed for about four years, I’m now picking it up again.

    I have the utmost faith in you and your work.

    I’m sure your mod will be brilliant mate :)


  4. Nath says:

    It’s good to hear you haven’t given up on this!

  5. aleks says:

    i was wondering how come the stats on the mod completion never ever changed! but will your mod have a story, or will it be just free roaming?

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