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2007/12/08 | Bah humbug (from category Projects) posted by STM

Hello visitors (if I even have any), I’d just like to apologise for the lack of activity and updates. I’ve been working hard the last few months on my project GTAGB, but about a month ago my motherboard fried itself. My small amount of funds forces me to list new computer parts at the bottom of my priority list, and so I write you this sitting in the back of my van on a crappy old laptop. As funds make themselves available I will do my best to get back in the circuit, but I fear this post will be the last until GTAIV’s release next year. In the event of anything happening, I will post here again. In the meantime, this laptop does allow me to code, so I may fiddle around with this website a little as well as GTAGB’s mission code. I’ll also be focusing a lot of attention on the code and management for GTAGarage, do give that link a whirl. Cheers, I’ll be back!

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