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2010/09/14 | Site updated (from category Web) posted by STM

The site is now WordPress-ified! Which may mean I actually update it now.

In case you’ve seen the post I last made in 2007 and are wondering where the Porsche 911S is, you can find it here.


  1. Woah says:

    Did not expect to ever see any more activity from this site.

    GTA GB is just days from completion, now, then, right?

    • STM says:

      Haven’t done any real work on GTAGB for what’s probably a few years now. Since I’m unable to develop it as well as keep it up to speed with current technology, I’m going to be taking it down an interesting new route. Though until I have more time, it’s sadly going to have sit in the pipeline for a while longer.

  2. mortalhuman says:

    Good work maintaining the look and feel Tom, I still love that high stepper anim to this day. gtatools is gone :P if for historical purposes, it should just be a pic no link (404 is bad – hope to see you updating more, and you don’t want 404’s ;) )

    Even the colors look more crisp.

    • STM says:

      Hey Brian, glad you like it. Hadn’t noticed was down – I’ll mention it to Tank and get something up on it asap. :)

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